Himalayan Fusion Buffet Served on 11/20/2019
1.BASMATI RICE in mild spice (contains butter)
2.NAAN (no eggs, contains milk) please ask our staff
3.Brown Rice Vegan CA medium grain
4.POORI (fried bread) stone ground whole wheat No Dairy
5.ALU BHAJEE SWEET POTATO/POTATO in chick pea batter
6.FRESH CHOPPED SALAD lime, salt and pepper (No Dairy no eggs)
7.FRESH MANGO SALAD lime, salt and pepper (No Dairy)
8.Hot Chilli Sauce (red) Green Mint Sauce Tamarind Sauce (Brown)
9.Raita Yogurt Sauce for Biryani
10.VEGETABLE KORMA mixed vegies in creamy sauce
12.VEGETABLE CHOWMEIN fresh mixed vegies egg noodles
13.CHICKEN TANDOORI chicken marinated and baked in clay oven
14.CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Baked boneless chicken in creamy spicy sauce
15.Masala Chai PUSH GENTLY; Unsweetened Contains Dairy
16.YUCA FRIES Gluten Free
17.CHURU - Tibetan Stew Feta, Mushroom & chili (spicy)
18.ALU MATAR Pea & Potato Curry in creamy sauce
19.CHICKEN CURRY (Nepali Style) (BONE-IN No Dairy)
20.GULAB JAMUN Sugary goodness in flour/skim-milk balls
21.CARROT PUDDING (Nepali Style) (gazar haluwa)
22.ZUCCINI BHAJEE fried in chick pea batter vegan, gluten free

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